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Our Veterinary Services

Our Glen iris Upper Vet Clinic offers a range of services for small animals.

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Routine check ups

Our Standard consultations are 15 minutes which easily allows for singular issues.

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We recommend desexing at 6 months for all male and female dogs and cats.

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Most soft tissue and certain orthopaedic procedures are done on site.

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Dental surgery

Dental surgery including cleaning and extractions.

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X-Ray on site

An X-Ray machine is available for on site standard pet imaging.

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Blood tests

We offer blood tests. We send our blood samples to a specialist veterinary pathologist service. Occasionally some animals require sedation to obtain a sample.

Services we don’t offer


We don’t offer grooming services. We suggest seeking a dedicated grooming professional.

Reproductive Services

We encourage all clients with reproduction enquiries to seek a specialised reproductive vet clinic who will have the equipment, time and knowledge to assist you.

Cat / Dog Boarding

If you are in need of a boarding facility our reception staff can provide you with a list of client recommended kennels. Please contact us via email and our support team will share this with you.

Hip Scores

Please seek the advice of a reproductive vet to assist you with hip scores.

Animals we don’t treat

We have a strict aggressive animal policy, for the safety of our staff, our clients and our patients we cannot see aggressive animals.

Euthanasia Process

Euthanasia is a very difficult and emotional time. We all want euthanasia to go seamlessly (and they mostly do) but the unpredictability of animals, the high state of emotion and given most animals are in a debilitated state does pose its challenges.

We typically sedate animals with something to relax them by giving them a quick, small needle into a muscle, the needle may sting a little. After 5-15mins your pet will be relaxed. We then clip a small amount of hair off the leg and administer an intravenous anaesthetic. Your pet will pass
away peacefully in 30-60 seconds.

After your animal has passed away you can elect to bury your animal at home, or have us arrange burial or individual cremation and ashes returned with a trusted company. If you have any further questions regarding euthanasia please talk to reception. They can answer any questions you may have and discuss pricing.

Desexing Policy

We recommend desexing at 6 months for all male and female dogs/cats.

We do not see un-desexed adult animals.

If you choose not to desex your pet at 6 months we suggest you engage with a clinic whose values are aligned with your own.

Some vets or breeders may propose minor health benefits of late desexing but there is also a lot of misinformation. There are also some increased health risks and behavioural issues with un-desexed pets.

Our strict stance on desexing is based on the hundreds of cases of health/ behavioural issues related to late and/or un-desexed pets.

We do not do mature desexing of female dogs.

If you have any questions regarding desexing please talk to our reception staff or make a time to see the vet.

Aggressive Animal Policy

Animals that are unpredictable, attempt to bite or are unable to be examined pose an unacceptable risk. For the safety of our staff, our clients and our patients we cannot see aggressive animals. We encourage you to seek an alternative clinic where they may feel more comfortable and can receive the care they require.

Our clinic reserves the right to refuse treatment of any animal that poses a risk to our staff in complying with the Work Place Health and Safety Act.

Need to book an appointment?

We are generally fully booked and are therefore unable to see non urgent walk-in cases.
To make an appointment please call the clinic.

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